What’s it like as a driving instructor?

The benefits of becoming a driving instructor.

Working as a driving instructor

Should I become a driving instructor?

For many this does seem like the perfect job. Indeed working as a driving instructor does have many good benefits.

  • Work hours to suit you.
  • Reasonably good earnings.
  • Fantastic job satisfaction.
  • Meet lots of new people.
  • A brand new car.
  • Opportunities for further advancement ( Such as instructor training, Fleet training or classroom based courses.)
Your car when you become a driving instructor

You can choose your working hours.

For me the biggest draw here was being able to choose my own hours, personally I like to start early and finish early, so my day begins usually at 8am and I am home by around 4:15 meaning I have plenty of free time in the evenings. I also like to take weekends off, although weekends can be a very lucrative time for any driving instructor.

In addition to this I also really enjoy the job satisfaction, there is no better feeling of achievement than watching one of your students passing their driving test.

Another bonus is the car, your car, although this is your work car, it can always double up as your own personal car, which can make a big difference to your personal finances.

driving instructors day diary

Typical day of a driving instructor.


7 am Wake up and have breakfast, get ready for work.

8 am arrive at first pupils home for a 2 hour lesson, this student has her driving test next week so we are going to go over the driving test routes one final time.

10.00 Coffee break.

10:30 am This time it’s a new student , a 38 year old man who passed his driving test 20 years ago. He hasn’t driven since . The student just wants a few refresher lessons to gain some confidence. After 2 hours he’s feeling confident. He plans on going out in his car this week. We plan one more session at his request.

12:30 Lunch Break.

1:00 pm Hour and half lesson this time with a relative beginner on her third lesson. This lesson goes well as we move onto some quiet roundabouts. Also the pupil has booked her theory test and is excited about driving.

2:45  Last lesson of the day and the lesson plan here is parking. So we drive around the town practising and perfecting bay parking and parallel parking. At the end of the lesson we discuss booking a driving test.

4:55 I arrive home. Still a few phone calls to make but will be finished well before 5.30.  It’s a sunny evening so time to relax in the garden .

How much do driving instructors earn ?

We get asked this question a lot and its difficult to answer. If you are committed to your profession then you will earn a good income. However the ADIs that do the best are the ones that put the pupil first, our motto has always been to look after the customer and the rewards will follow.


Your car when you become a driving instructor

The problems you may encounter as a driving instructor.



You will  be self employed, that means that you will be responsible for paying your own tax and national insurance, not necessarily a problem but you should take professional advice on this .

Driving lesson Cancellations.

Yes they do happen, we have a cancellation  policy of 24 hours, which usually means that I can fill the slot, or at least plan to do something else with the time.

Students not showing, I must say this is uncommon, and if it does happen then it usually happens fairly early in the course so if it looks like its going to be a regular occurrence you will need to politely ask them to find another driving instructor.

Challenging students

Most of your students will be young people who learn things quite quickly, but you will get some who really struggle, these lessons can be quite  stressful, on the plus side it is a great feeling when someone who once couldn’t even grasp the notion of turning left or right goes and passes their driving test.

Standards Check test

Qualifying is only the beginning every 4 years you will need to take a standards check test. This is to ensure you are keeping a high standard of instruction.

How do I become a driving instructor.

The best way to do this is by contacting an Ordit registered driving instructor trainer.

As an Ordit accredited trainer  you will be guided all the way right from your initial application to join the register. We will take you through all of the qualifying tests. We can arrange for a trainee licence. As well as offering you a guaranteed placement in our busy local franchise.

Find out more and get free advice about driving instructor training.

If this sounds like the type of lifestyle you would enjoy, then give us a call. We could have you teaching people to drive for a living within a few months. Training can also be tailored around your existing work.

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