Driving Instructor Training.

Ordit approved ADI Trainer.

Independent driving instructor training for all of the ADI tests

Train to be a driving instructor with Marcus at Andrew’s Driving Instructor training. With the huge demand for driving instructors at the moment there has never been a better time to get into this industry.

There is no better way to get started than with an independent Ordit approved ADI Trainer.

Train to become a driving instructor and take control of your future, work your own hours, around your family, take your holidays when you like and share in the moment when your pupils pass.

Driver training is a fast moving business, with major changes not only in the learner driver test but also huge changes in the ADI qualification process, you should choose a trainer who knows the process inside out.

I am fully up to date with all that is required to pass all 3 of the driving instructor tests. I also sit in the back of the car of all of the part 3  which I present for test, this keeps my training sharp and means that I completely understand what the examiner is looking for.


Why Train with Marcus at Andrew’s instructor Training ?

  • Pay as you go training.
  • Fast track driving instructor training available.
  • Hi spec VW Golf for your instructor training.
  • Free theory test training.
  • Training available across North Wales and the North West of England.
  • Trainee Licence available with busy driving school.
  • Upon Qualification guaranteed position with a busy local driving school ( If required).

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Andrew’s Driving Instructor Training.

A part 3 instructor test pass at Bangor Driving Test Centre

David passed all 3 tests

Here’s fully qualified driving instructor David Evans. David from Caernarfon who had his training interupted by the national lockdown still managed to pass all 3 driving instructor tests in just a few months.


David Evans Part 3

David Evans Part 3

Fully Qualified ADI David passed the part 3 on the first attempt.
October 2020


Benefits of becoming a driving instructor

Here are some of the key reasons for becoming a driving instructor.

  • Recession proof business (People will always want to learn to drive)
  • Set your own hours for a perfect work life balance.
  • Job satisfaction theres nothing better than seeing your pupils pass their driving test.
  • Money! As an adi you can expect a well above average hourly rate.
  • New car Change your car every year
  • You will be your own boss You choose when you work, you choose when you take your holidays.

There are many benefits in becoming a driving instructor. Once you have completed the qulification process you have many options. Most new instructors opt for a franchise. This means that you can concentrate on doing what you are trained to do. If you choose the right franchise you will have no worries about advertising costs or finding pupils. For a small weekly fee your franchise provider should supply you with more than enough pupils. The job can be tiring particulary during the early days, but it is always very rewarding and enjoyable. You can also take satisfaction that you are passing on some very important life skills. People learn to drive for many reasons, whether its for a new job or just to take the kids back and to to school. Should you decide to take the plunge and embark on this career I will guide you every step of the way and that level of support will continue for as long as you need it.